What we do

Trading is the foundation and heart of our business. Despite its regional character, this remains the most important thing for us.

Throughout the year we buy wine, cognac and Pineau from wine growers and wholesalers. Given the importance of the Charente vineyards, using brokers is necessary, even unavoidable.

These are tasted, selected, assembled, processed and then follow one of three paths according to the quality and the demand :

  •  Offered to our commercial clients
  •  Sent to our aging cellars until they reach commercial maturity.
  •  Worked further to prepare for bottling

The third option leads us to our second commercial activity - the development, packaging and marketing of our range of bottles and bottling plant.

Indeed, our cognacs are largely derived from the trading business, which allows us to have an abundant source of supply and to select the best cognacs from the different wines that come through our plant and which make up our finished product.

For Pineau, the CHOLLET house has the taken time to forge special relationships with four wine growers based on reliability, product knowledge and the determination to succeed. They have become true supplier partnerships.

This policy ensures we supply quality and consistency over time.

As for our liquers, they are based on cognac and a rigorous selection of extract or essence of fruits, natural flavors and essential oils.  All are crafted with the greatest care, often in the traditional way, with old recipes and with one aim – to please you.

Our Cognac, Pineau and Liqueurs are made and bottled by us.

Our status as a merchant, wholesaler and distiller, our infrastructure, flexibility, experience and expertise make us a complete link in the chain of Cognac. As a result, many of our distributer clients come to buy our precious supplies from us in bulk. Others ask us to support them one step further by supplying our products under their own brand name and packaging.

Our distribution channels today are still modest and focus mainly around the individual client. Exhibitions and food fairs in France maintain our reputation and allow us to be in constant contact with the end consumer.

Throughout the year we welcome to our property many French and foreign tourists, individuals and groups visiting the town of Cognac and its surroundings. As well as, of course, our regular customers, local associations and communities.

An air-conditioned shop with disabled access is provided to welcome you in warm and friendly surroundings. Here you will find our whole product range and a selection of regional products and cuisine - champagne, foie gras, chocolate, honey, truffles and more.

It is our aim to try and meet your expectations and to help you make your choice through sampling our products.

With a product of which over 90% is exported, our wish to travel and share our passion and knowledge across borders is immense. The search for foreign trading partners is part of our vision.