Tequila Tristan Blanco is made 100% Blue Agave Weber

The Agave plants are grown for at least 8 years until they are matured enough to be harvested.

Only healthy and good quality agave is chosen for Tristan. They use low land agave which tends to be less fibrous and allows them to keep Methanol (wood alcohol) at the lowest levels possible.

Once the Agave leaves are chopped off, they keep the heart or “piña”. The “piña” (30-50 kg) is cut into max. 4 pieces and loaded into a autoclave, which is a big pressure cooker. Under rigorous temperature controls the Agave is steamed for several hours and then cooled down for another few hours before they can start tearing and grinding the cooked agave to obtain agave juice for fermentation. During the summer months fermentation will happen faster than during colder winter (rainy season) days. They use homemade yeast obtained from the agave itself. The double distillation process in still will give a Tequila Blanco at 55 to 60% Alc. Vol. Before bottling the Blanco Tequila gets diluted with thermal water from their own water well and its alcohol volume decrease to do 40%.

Specific Features:

NOSE: Raw Agave – Herbal notes- Smooth and balanced impact

AROMA: Sweet flavors of cocked Agave – Wooden notes – Dried fruits and butter – Long after taste - pleasant presence of alcohol

APPEARANCE: Crystal with silver sparkles – Transparent Clear and Bright – Full bodied

SPECIFICATIONS: 100% Blue Agave Weber – 100% Additive free – 700 ml – 40% Vol.